What is “mindfulness”?

Simply put, mindfulness is intentionally paying attention to what is happening in the current moment, developing clarity and broadening our view of whatever arises. Mindfulness can open the window of experience to greater balance, compassion, joy and calmness.  Research into mindfulness has exploded recently, and evidence of the benefits is growing.  Possible downstream effects include greater concentration and empathy, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, enhanced emotional regulation, and more resilience. The word, “mindfulness” seems to be everywhere these days, but underneath the trendy buzzword is a set of well-established practices and skills that can benefit everyone at any age. I invite you to join me and try it for yourself.


My approach

I employ various approaches to mindfulness that stay true to the origins of the practice, but with flexible innovations that meet my clientele wherever they are.  I offer secular mindfulness instruction to adults , teens and children backed up by the latest science-based research. Balancing depth with accessibility, I offer traditional, creative and interactive practices to help participants make the most of the wellness benefits of mindfulness. In school and group settings, empathy and mindful communication are also emphasized. More than mere self-help, I facilitate from a socially-conscious, ethical basis that honors individual differences with compassion and respect, while honoring connection and  interdependence.


About Kate savage

Over my decades-long teaching career I've taught adults, university students, those in at-risk youth programs, and students in public and independent schools. My meditation practice started in 1993 in the Zen lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh. More recently, I've been practicing in the Vipassana tradition at Insight LA, where I completed their ten-month adult Facilitator Training and Certification. I’m also a Certified Mindful Schools Instructor, having graduated from the Mindful Schools Mindful Teacher Certification yearlong training in 2017. That same year I was contracted to co-write a mindfulness-based curriculum for POPS The Club, a national high school club for teens affected by incarceration, and I serve on their Advisory Council. I have an MFA from California State University, Long Beach, and my studio practice as a visual artist (see Kate Savage Art) enhances my teaching of art in much the same way that my meditation practice informs my teaching of mindfulness