Kate has the natural gifts of a great mindfulness provider: a warm heart and genuine kindness added to her integrity and discipline. Her long-term teaching experience is balanced by the best up-to-date mindfulness training. It is beautiful to see Kate interacting with her students as she creates the space for each one of them to shine!
— Hélene Walter, Development Director of Tama Productions, and Executive Producer of MAY I BE HAPPY, the film.
I love joining Kate’s morning mindfulness. It provides me with a great start to my workday and a breather, midweek. Carrying on with that awareness of mind and body is so meaningful. Kate’s energy is an amazing guidance in this practice.
— - Karen I., Facilities Manager, Brentwood School
Ms. Savage, with her knowledge of mindfulness, was a great teacher.
— High School Student
Kate works closely with POPS the Club, offering not only guidance and understanding to young people with loved ones in prison, but opening the hearts and minds of our leadership team. Kate co-created our mindfulness-based Self-Empowerment curriculum, and the accompanying training manual evidences her profound gifts as a writer, teacher and artist. Each time she runs a workshop with our volunteers, she transforms lives. Kate Savage heals and invigorates.”
— Amy Friedman, Author and Executive Director POPS the Club
Ms. Savage did a really wonderful job. She was enthusiastic about the process.
— High School Student
Kate embodies mindfulness with her gentle energy. I’ve had the great pleasure of writing mindfulness curriculum and practicing with her. She is an attentive, engaging, empathetic and well-studied practitioner.
— Sonia Lukich Faye , Energy Therapist and Owner, The Art of Light