school programs

As an experienced teacher who has worked with a range of populations and ages, I know how schools operate and understand the pressures school communities are under. Mindfulness programs can be of great benefit to students and teachers at any age or career stage. As a graduate of Mindful Schools yearlong Mindful Teacher Certification Program, I have been fully trained in their curriculum which is age-appropriate, trauma-informed and diversity-conscious. I offer consulting or comprehensive school-based mindfulness programs that include internationally recognized best practices. Full packages include: 1) Fact and practice-based presentations to adult stakeholders (administration, faculty, staff and parents); 2) Teacher training;  3) Weekly or bi-weekly lessons for students. Student lessons include: Recognizing Emotions in the Body;  React or Respond? Mindfulness of the Senses; Mindful Walking, Breathing and Eating; Mindful Test Taking; Connection to Others; Finding Gratitude and more. Open Window has provided mindfulness instruction to staff and students at the Brentwood School, The Center for Early Education in Los Angeles, and in 2019 to Culver City Middle School.


Clinical settings

 Mindfulness practices greatly enhance the client experience in  clinical settings, and also support your hard-working staff. As a complement to what your staff already provides, mindfulness can offer your clients tools for mitigating the stress of healing. Additionally, when health-care workers learn mindfulness, there is less burnout as they develop skills for greater resiliency. Although I’m clear about the limits of my expertise, my training includes working with those suffering from trauma, with ADHD and on the spectrum. Mindful approaches to mental and physical health care not only support the work you do, but also provide comfort calm and comfort to patients and staff.

private / semi-private sessions for any age

Individuals or small groups (five or fewer) classes in your home or at my studio. Specially-crafted lessons introduce a range of mindful practices. Classes will also include age-appropriate short readings, videos or research articles. My encouragement for adults to establish their own personal practice is emphasized and supported by personalized, guided meditations, recorded just for you. One-hour sessions are recommended.

workshops and classes

Mindfulness classes for six or more persons of any age may be held in my studio or at your venue. The recommended six class meetings will introduce a variety of activities and instruction in a range of mindful practices. Classes will also include age-appropriate short readings, videos or research articles. My guidance for adults to establish their own personal practice is emphasized. One and a half-hour sessions are recommended.

Creativity and mindfulness have a natural kinship, and I have developed workshops to enhance both. Through mindfulness practices, writing and drawing exercises, visual journals and physical movement, participants work with their "inner critic" to break through to a more authentic, creative voice in their artwork and writing.


Staff training

Many businesses and non-profit organizations now recognize the benefits of mindfulness for managers and employees. Whether you're looking for a one-time training or an ongoing series of mindfulness sessions, I can offer experiential practices that enhance wellness, address efficiency using mindful communication techniques, or help build group identity.



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